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Right Gift Registry For Your Wedding

Wednesday, November 25th, 2009

For any wedding, a gift registry is very essential as it can give your guests a rough guide for the wedding gift they are going to buy you. In this way, your guests will certainly find it much easier to buy you the gift. However, a badly drafted gift registry can lead to the problem of duplicated gifts. For this reason, you should set up your gift registry carefully. The followings will help you avoid the bad to set up the gift registry.

When you are setting up your registry, the first thing you need to consider is your preference. You would certainly like to get something you want to get. This can be something missing at your home, such as an elegant alarm clock. It can also be something you will need when you and your spouse start the new life as a married couple, a double bed say.However, you will have different choices even for the same item. You will need to think of your life style in order to decide exactly what you want. For example, you will prefer an alarm clock designed by Philippe Starck instead of a normal alarm clock.

In order to minimize any ambiguity, you will need to visit the shops or department stores to see the exact items. You will probably browse the catalogues of different items on the internet at the very beginning. You will then make a draft list of items or gifts you would like to receive. As we may be well aware, however, the images in the catalogues can be misleading. And this is why you will need to visit the shops to take a look of the items. It will be a pity if one of your friends buy you an item on the registry but you finally find that it is not as good as you see on the web.

You will also need to consider the price of the items listed. For example, a 43″ Plasma TV may be too expensive as a wedding gift. However, it can still be attained if the cost can be shared by say 15 different guests. Besides, you will need to balance the prices of the gifts. Since your guests may not really gather together and decide to buy you one expensive gift together. You may end up with a lot of duplicated gifts if you only have a few items which are not so expensive in the registry.

Lastly, you have to bear in mind that the gift is something your guests buy you to celebrate your love with your spouse, it is not a good idea to totally control the gift you will receive. As a result, you should have different varieties of categories of items for your guest to choose from. When you do this, you can on one hand get the items you want and on the other hand your guests can really bless you and your marriage with the gifts..