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Gift Baskets for School Fundraisers

Tuesday, October 19th, 2010

We had never heard of that option but a group recently told us about their experience doing just that. One of the student’s mothers worked for an importer. She was the one that presented the idea to the school as a PTO fundraiser. She told the board that she could get them wholesale prices on gift items that they could use to create gift baskets to sell for their fundraiser. The board was very excited about the possibility. It was an easy way to raise money. Their goal was to build a playground and they did not want to get a loan or borrow the money. So they decided to explore the possibility.

They met at the importers showroom and picked out a selection of inexpensive holiday items. They decided to put together three different options at three different price points. They took the actual items they chose, placed them in the baskets and took photos of their new creations. With those photos they created a color brochure. It was very basic they told us but it showed the different baskets, had a list of the items in the basket and showed the retail price they hoped to sell the items for.

They chose to sell the gift baskets as a winter fundraiser so they handed out the brochures in the middle of October and made November 1 the deadline to turn in orders. They never told us the exact number of gift baskets that they sold but she did tell us that the sale went well beyond their wildest imagination. Of course very few groups have the resources or contacts to sell custom gift baskets for an elementary school fundraiser. But the lesson of this fundraising experience is that you can and should think outside the box when planning how to raise money..

Creating Attractive Business Stationery

Thursday, July 22nd, 2010

Stationery is widely appreciated on both a business and personal scale. When it comes to personal usage, it can offer inspiration to keep in touch with loved ones through a more unique and special way than email or on the phone. This article is more focused on professional applications. For those who own and operate businesses, stationery can work toward successful advertising. The right selection can demonstrate both what your company is about and what it offers to its partners, clients, and customers. Of course, there are many things to consider when it comes to creating the perfect design. These include the paper type, ink color, and the company information to be included.

Whether to have such special effects as embossing or engraving are also matters of interest. Finally, whether to include just letters and business cards or to also have other items included in stationery wardrobe are additional things to be considered. When it comes to paper, a person may choose between either options created from cotton, wood, or both. Two thousand years ago, cotton was used to create the earliest paper. Wood became more popular, however, because it was cheaper and people thought it would be available in an endless supply.

Cotton today is considered to be of much higher quality. Because of its durability and rich texture, it is valued for the strong impression it leaves when it comes to corporate letters and memos. White is the standard paper color used. However, cream, light grey, or subtly blue-tinted options also have much to offer. When it comes to ink colors, it has been pretty standard to see black and grey utilized on official company documents. Still, the current times have brought many livelier changes. More instances of red, gold, blue, and green are coming in use. The right colors will of course be those which best reflect the particular style and ideals of your company.

Traditionally, it was simple enough to put the name of the company as well as the address and phone number upon official letters, as well as individual names and titles of business persons. Today, there are many other possibilities to include, such as web site, fax, email, cell numbers, and personal pager numbers. Embossing and engraving are some possible alternatives to flat printing which affect the surface level of printed information. While some of these choices affect the actual paper, cheaper options may include a mixture placed over the printing ink for special effects. This less expensive option is known as thermography.